International Efforts

International Efforts

Lost Coast Rotaract completes one International Service Project every year with the intention of creating a stronger global community through service.

We are proud to announce that as of 2016 we have signed a Twin Club agreement with the Rotaract Club of Agrabad in Chittagong, Bangladesh!

2016 International Project, Sasovo School
Bringing school supplies, classroom equipment, textbooks, and anti-bullying training to the  Sasovo School located in Sasovo, Ukraine.


Ryan Knight, a member of Lost Coast Rotaract, is currently in Sasovo teaching English. We are excited to have a “man on the ground” to see what the community truly needs. According to Ryan “It is in a critical time in it’s history facing a severe economic crises and a war in the east of the country. I’ve grown close to this village since my service began two years ago and it means a lot to them that people so far away care about them. Lost Coast Rotaract has already made a big impact by helping to purchase new textbooks for our school’s English program.


2013-2014: Istanbul, Turkey
Provided lab equipment to Istanbul Ataturk Science High School science department. Partnering with Istanbul Beyoglu Rotary and Rotaract in  District 2420.

2011-2013: Yushu, (Tibetan) China
Provided vocational training for relocated Tibetan nomads at the Kunpen Vocational Training Center in Yushu, located in the Tibetan region of China, after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

2009-2011: Bulembu in Swaziland, Africa
Provided a hydroponics unit to a converted mining town in Bulembu located in Swaziland Africa. The town has been converted into a community care organization for orphans of the AIDS pandemic.


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